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Family picnic

on July 20, 2014

Let’s see…yesterday I took a day-of-rest. My back was incredibly sore from Friday’s workout or whatever. The girls had their garage sale in the morning and then we packed it all up until next year. I made sloppy joes and cut up the watermelon for the picnic at our house. Around 11am family started to show up and it was a nice day of chatting, eating and the kids playing together. The last family member left around 5pm and we ate a quick supper and watched a movie. Surprisingly I did great with food yesterday. I had a BBQ on a bun, 1 oz. of Sun Chips, watermelon, a blob of cauliflower/broccoli salad, lettuce salad with dressing, 1/2 of Lydia’s cookie and a small piece of jello poke cake. I drank a bunch of water and did NOT snack from 12:30-5. Awesome for me and picnics! LOL


us 071914

This morning I got up at 4:05 am! Darn internal body clock. I walked and read on the treadmill for 30 minutes. In a couple of hours we are going kayaking. The trip we have planned should only take about an hour and it’s a new river for us so I’m excited for the change of scenery. I must remember my camera!

My upcoming week is busier than normal, sorta….

  • Monday – Fitness Foundry, work 8:45-1, come home, work 5-8:30
  • Tuesday – FF, take girls to band lessons, walk with Kathy at 10am, work 1-5, have the girls walk to the library after band lessons
  • Wednesday – FF, work WW 10:45-1, drop C off with Roberta for painting lesson from 1-5, music?
  • Thursday – FF?, work 8:45-5 (extra shift for vacationing co-worker), someone else is taking girls to band lessons and they are walking to the library again
  • Friday – FF, take girls to band from 9:30-11, walk with C or bike ride during that time.
  • Saturday – parade in Baraboo
  • also the County Fair is this week and I like to go and look at the animals an exhibits.

Enjoy your day!


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