My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Work, work, work…

on July 22, 2014

It’s always work…it’s work to actually work my job, it’s work to work-out, it’s work to eat right, it’s just work, period.  Yesterday was good. I did have some ice cream after work last night and it was delicious! Especially since it was so darn hot out. I slept hard last night and when my alarm went off I felt like I didn’t sleep very long. Today’s workout was work!

Warm up
30 Burpees
Squat Squat Goose,5 min
All rules of duck duck goose apply except everyone waits in an air squat till they get called goose.  – the morning crew did a 400m jog.

Mob – Couch stretch and pike levers

A- Eccentric Weighted Push Ups
use partner, I go U go, 3×10, Men 45#/Women/25#, try to use 5 sec decent – wow, I am feeling it now!

B- Tabata, 8 rounds each
Battle Rope
WallBall 20/14
KB swing

Workout B was tough, my arms were shot and still are. It was hard to wash my hair and drink my cappuccino! 😛

I take the girls in to band by 9am and then I’m going to Walgreens and Pierce’s before I have to be to work at 11am. I’m going in early today for a co-worker and she’s coming in early for me on Thursday. Sounds great to me!

Enjoy your day!


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