My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Vacation and school shopping.

on August 10, 2014

Good morning! It’s been ages since I posted.

Let’s see…we vacationed in Ohio. It was great to see my friend Rachel and her family. The driving wasn’t too awful and I even drove almost the entire time we were in Cleveland, hubby navigated. We saw a few things on vacation…

  • Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago
  • The Money Museum in Cleveland
  • The USS Cod in Cleveland
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

We got home Wednesday night and then Thursday we spent most of the day school shopping. Talk about an expensive week! I think the girls are set for a while.

I made it to the gym on Friday morning…

Warm up
800 M Indian Run
15 up dog to down dog

Skill- Handstand hold, 7 min Hold as long as possible

A- Strict Press, 90 sec
B- For time
100 DU’s
90 AbMat
80 DU’s
70 Push Up
60 DU
50 Box Jump
40 DU
30 Burpees
20 DU

My arms are still sore this morning. I look forward to tomorrow morning. 🙂

On Saturday morning we met as a group at the Foundry to try to figure out a plan to stay together as a club. We’ll be meeting again soon to report on progress made. The good news is the owner of the building wants us to stay. Equipment is the main issue as is insurance, etc.

My eating on vacation was pretty decent, not perfect, but not bingeing either. My eating yesterday was bad, I’ll work on a better day today.

I’m also considering quitting WW (again). I may have an opportunity for full-time work at the library in November.

Hubby sold his truck yesterday.

I worked in the gardens yesterday.

My week upcoming….

  • Monday – Fitness Foundry, work 8:45-1
  • Tuesday – Fitness Foundry, work 8:45-5
  • Wednesday – Fitness Foundry, piano for L, work WW (weigh-in, ugg..)
  • Thursday – Fitness Foundry, work 8:45-1, register C for school
  • Friday – Fitness Foundry, ?
  • Saturday – workout at home, picnic with friends, music at night for L

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