My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Is it time to move on?

on August 15, 2014

Let’s see…yesterday I worked, went to the farmer’s market, piano, Walmart, McDonalds (for a cone), registration for C and then a meeting to keep Fitness Foundry alive. Busy day and it the FF meeting left me restless as I tried to sleep. It seems they want a 5:30am and a 6:00pm class to start out with in September, until we can get new trainers. Well, 5:30am does not work for my family. That  means I wouldn’t get home until 6:40 or so and the girls get on the bus at 7am. Not enough time to make sure they are prepared for their day. They vetoed it when I got home and I agree with them. So, this may mean my time has ended with the Foundry. What to do instead?

Well, hubby and I discussed getting our own equipment and doing our own at-home workouts together in the morning. Although he prefers to work out at night. I have all the workouts saved on my blog so we’d have some things to do. I also found this website I’ve been exploring…. great things on here!

So, no FF this morning since no one else was going I decided to give Ben the morning off and workout at home. I got up around 5am and did 2 – 15 minute programs on the elliptical. I did some ab work, nothing serious and then I vacuumed and cleaned up the workout area. I also emailed my MIL about taking back her archaic workout machine so we’ll have more room for our equipment.

Who knows? Maybe at some point I’ll be able to return to the Portage Fitness Co-op *new name, but it seems unlikely. Makes me sad.


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