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MAX Week!

on August 18, 2014

Quick recap of the weekend. Saturday morning I worked out at home. I went to a picnic with my girlfriends and had a nice afternoon of chatting together. That night L played in band at a fundraiser at the ball field.

Sunday I walked on the treadmill and worked out with our new (to us) Olympic weight set. Awesome deal! It’s worth about $400 and we got it for $125 off Craigslist. We then listed our old weight machine and got about a bazillion emails about it. I’m hoping it’s gone from the driveway when I get home today. I ate crappy yesterday, but such is ilfe.

This week at the gym is MAX week. Today was deadlifts, I’m going to feel it later on today.

Warm up
3 laps
Bearwalk back
Lateral Lunges
Hip Mob

max out Deadlift
18 min
rest as needed
3 @ 60%
3 @ 70%
2 @ 80%
1 @ 90%
new max attempt
new max attempt
new max attempt

My new max is 200#! I went up by 5# from 3 months ago and up 45# from a year ago! That’s a 30% increase according to Ben. It was wonderful to get a new max. Tomorrow is the push press, I’m hoping to make 100# or more on that one!

Today I work from 8:45-1 and it’s my co-workers 20th anniversary! I have errands this afternoon and they may be having some friends over later on.

Enjoy the day!


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