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Deadlifts and HSPUs

on August 28, 2014

Happy Thursday! I weighed in yesterday and it was awful! That means I have to get my A$$ in gear for real. Enough messing around, this whole summer was a bust as far as weight loss or maintenance goes, it’s time to get serious. It started this morning with a killer workout.

Warm up
500m row
15 updog -> down dog

Core: 3 Lengths, Inchworm

(deadlift prep, 5 min)
Deadlift 225/155

I did a 145# DL, up 10# from April and it was HARD! It took me forever to get the first 21 done, I was working on my 15 when Mary finished up! It didn’t discourage me though, I knew I could get through it at my own pace and I did. šŸ™‚

Today I work until 1pm. L has piano at 2 and C meets with Roberta to paint at the same time. Tonight is open house at C’s school and we get to meet up with her teachers.

Enjoy your day!


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