My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Darn hole!

on August 29, 2014

Well, I did great yesterday. I ate well and exercised. I even went for a walk while L had piano lessons. It was going great until I twisted my ankle in a chunk of road that was missing! Usually I watch my feet more when I walk, but some kids were having fun at a playground and I was watching them instead of my feet and I almost went down. I said a choice swear word or two and decided to keep walking even though it hurt. I don’t think anything is broken, but I definitely loosened up some ligaments. I iced and elevated it yesterday and tried to sleep with it up last night. No gym this morning since I need this to heal up. This week’s workout has left my body pretty sore. I have to roll out today and use the ball to find those knots in my back.

Today we are home. I have a few things I need the girls to clean up and then we are going to go around town and do a few things.

Enjoy your day!


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