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40th Birthday!

I turn 40 today. Hard to believe, but happy to be here! 🙂

I went to the gym to workout with my birthday/gym buddy. She loved the t-shirt I got her.

mary in shirt

Tuesday’s WOD
A) Press: 5×6 (as heavy as possible), 3 min clock
Notes: use last weeks numbers to help you find a starting point. Build each set, but make sure you’re getting 6 unbroken reps each round – I got 45#, 50#, 55#, 60# and 55#

B) High hang clean: 2×2@85%, 2 min clock  – 75#

C) Clean & Jerk: 7×1, (heavier than last week), 1:30 clock   6 at 75#, one and 80#

3 min max effort row (for total cal). – I left before this since we were running late. I wanted to get home to see the girls before school.

Enjoy your day!

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Last day in the 30’s

Happy Monday! I didn’t do great eating yesterday, but I did do great for 11 days in a row!

Yesterday we decided to carve and decorate pumpkins. We grew a few in our yard and hubby got one from a guy at work.

008 (682x1024)

009 (681x1024)

carving 2014

016 (683x1024)

019 (1024x683)

We also tried something I saw online. It’s where you melt crayons down the sides of a pumpkin. It turned out cool and the best part was how fun it was for the girls!

This morning it was back to the gym. It was packed with 10 of us! Awesome way to start the Monday.

Monday’s WOD
A) Back Squats: 5×6; 3:00 clock – I started with 75#, 80# and then the last 3 at 85#

B)5 min AMRAP:
20 Russian KB swings
5 Pull ups

Rest 2:30
Run 800M for time
Rest 2:30

5 min AMRAP:
20 Russian KB swings
5 Pull ups

Notes: On A, start at around 75% of your 1RM and go up each set. On B, go as hard as you can with each part, you’ll get time to recover, and try to get as many reps/rounds in the second AMRAP as you do in the first AMRAP.

I work until 1pm today and then I have to make bread, roast pumpkin seeds and do some laundry.

My week…

  • Monday – PFC, work, chores, walk
  • Tuesday – PFC, my birthday, walk with friend, work 1-5, out to dinner
  • Wednesday – PFC, work WW (won’t weigh-in, LOL), walk, work 5-8:30
  • Thursday – DOR, work 8:45-1, farmer’s market, dentist for the girls after school
  • Friday – PFC, walk
  • Saturday – workout at home, farmer’s market in Madison

Enjoy your day!

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Impromptu 5k

Good afternoon! After spending most of the afternoon and evening yesterday online with tech support, I’m feeling confident that my computer is debugged. That being said, I got to sleep around 10:30pm last night and got up at 5:30am today. Hubby, C and I were going to walk a 5k. Instead, C was having issues and we left her home crying in her room. When we got there hubby and I decided to run the 5k since it technically was a run not a walk. We saw two ladies from the gym there and they were doing the 10k run. I was sorta nervous, but knew I could finish it. The 10kers started before us and a few minutes later we went. Eventually, before the 1/2 way point for me, I caught up with my gym buddies. I used them as motivation to keep moving and catch up to them. The last mile was brutal, hills and tired legs. I did it though, I ran the entire way and finished in 27:49! My goal was under 30 minutes and I did it! I guess all my Crossfit is paying off. 😛 After we ran and I caught my breath a bit we headed over for some leg massages. It was wonderful and I’m hoping it keeps any pain at bay. It was pretty fun to run another race even though I claim I’m not a runner.

I’m off to shop with the girls! Enjoy your day.

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One hour here, one hour there, one hour here

Happy Friday! I headed to the gym today. We were running over on time so we didn’t do front squats, fine with me.

Friday’s WOD:
A) Snatch: All reps @75%+: 3×2 from high hang, 3×2 from just below the knee, 3×2 from floor (full ROM), 1:30 clock.
Repetition, repetition, repetition. That’s the only way we’ll get better at these. Go up in weight from last week only if your technique was consistently good. Check the video in the comments section for another “how to” on the snatch, this one from Mike Burgener (which is were we get the Burgener Warm Up…) This video is similar to the video from last week but sometimes hearing the same thing from a different person or in a slightly different way can be the thing that flips the switch for you.

B) Front Squat: 3×8-10 @ heavier than last week, 2:30 clock
Try going up in weight on these too but still get 8-10 reps. Push yourself!

C) 5 rounds for time, 15 min cut off
5 Power Cleans, 135/95
10 Shoulder to Overhead, 135/95
20 Lateral Bar Jumps
Notes: Scale as needed but keep the weight the same for the power cleans & shoulder to overhead.

Workout C took me 8:55 to get through. The shoulder to overhead was the killer and I did 60# today.

At 8am I walked for an hour with a friend, then I came home and shoveled horse manure for another hour! After my second shower of the day I’m finally sitting down and relaxing. That will soon be over since the girls have early release today and they are each having a friend over! LOL Truthfully I’m happy they are coming over and the girls are too.

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Happy Thursday! Day-of-rest for me. I went to bed around 10pm last night and was awake at 4:45am. I would have like to sleep until 5:30 but it wasn’t meant to be.

Yesterday I weighed in at WW. Are you ready? I lost 5# from last week! Mostly last week was garbage, water-retention, etc., but I’m stoked! I’m only 1.8# away from being back in goal range. 🙂 It even motivated hubby to start logging his food again. I’m still counting calories and it’s working well for me.

Today I work until 1pm and then I’m off to the Farmer’s Market. I work tonight at WW, but thankfully I’ll be home around 7pm, not 8:45.

Enjoy your Friday Eve!

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One week in…

Happy Wednesday! I survived the field trip. Wow, those kids are exhausting. Here are some pics from yesterday.

4th graders




I got to bed early last night so I’d be ready for this morning’s workout. Instead I hit snooze and had to rush around to get there on time! 😛

Wednesday’s WOD!
A) 10 min to accumulate more strict pull-ups than last week. If you struggled toward the end of the 10 minutes last week and/or felt very sore after the workout, try starting with a thicker band(s) or adding during the 10 min. However, you still want to challenge yourself as the goal here is to improve your pull-ups! If you can get more than 40 STRICT pull-ups in 10 min (Strict meaning all reps with your chin over the bar, no kicking or kipping) then add weight.
25 min AMRAP @80-85% effort:
Alt’g 400M Run & 400M Row
30 DUs (If you don’t have DU, sub 30 target jumps)
20 Russian KB swings
10 Push Ups
5 T2B
Notes: Alternate the Run & Row each round if there is a rower available. If the rowers are in use, get running! Pace yourself at about 80-85% of your max effort. Don’t go ALL OUT but keep moving throughout.

The workout was pretty tough. At one point of running I thought I might puke. I didn’t, but it was a thought. An old member rejoined this morning and it was great to see her there. 🙂

On tap for today….I’m heading downstairs soon to walk and watch Hell’s Kitchen. Shower up and head out to shop a bit before I work at Weight Watchers. I weigh in today and have no clue what will happen. I’ve been counting calories for a week now and it’s going well. I feel a healthier relationship with food again. I plan on doing it again this coming week. Except for maybe on my birthday. LOL I work tonight at the library and then again tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your day!

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Field trip day!

Fingers crossed that I’ll find parking in Madison this morning! It’s my greatest fear that all the lots will be full.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Press: 1×5@70%, 1×5@75%, 3×5@80%: 2:30 clock
B) Cleans from high hang: 3×3@85%; 2:00 clock
C) Clean & Jerk: 5×1@ Heavier than last week; 1:30 clock.
Notes – If you didn’t have any misses with your C&J last week, go up in weight (you all wrote down your weights, right?!) If you missed 1 or more reps, stay at the same weight but try for no misses today.

8min AMRAP:
Wall Ball, 20#/14#
AbMat Sit up
1 rep each, 2 reps each, 3 reps each, 4 reps each, etc…

I worked out at home this morning. I wasn’t feeling it much, but I did the lifting and just a tabata ab mat work out. I figure I’ll be on the move most of the day at the field trip and I can walk tonight after supper if I need to.

It’s almost time for me to head out. Enjoy your day!

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I stayed on track!

It’s an odd feeling to wake up on a Monday and NOT have overeaten the two previous days. Sunday was a fairly busy day. We drove to Wisconsin Dells to pick up some horse manure for our garden. I hauled a lot of sh!t! Loads and loads of large buckets hoisted into the trailer. Thankfully I did not unload it yesterday, I’m saving that for during the week. I also made granola bars and homemade bread. The bread was fantastic! I finally bought more bread flour and I made the dough in the bread machine. After it was done I kneaded it a bit and put it in the pan to finish rising. Everyone was impressed with how it looked and tasted. The loaf is almost gone since the girls used it for lunches today, so I think I’ll be whipping up one this afternoon too.

Monday’s WOD:
A) Back Squat: 2×5@75%, 2×5@80%, 1×5@85%, 2:30 clock
B) Back Squat: AMRAP @70%
Notes: This is week 3 (of 4) of increased volume. For most of you, this will be the week where you really begin to feel the increased volume. Use the prescribed percentages as a guide. If you don’t think you can get 5 reps at 85%, scale down. Don’t go over 85%.

8 Min AMRAP:
3 wall walks (I did handstand holds for 3×10 seconds)
200M Run

Rest 4 min

8 Min AMRAP:
Row/Airdyne for Calories, 20M/15F
15 Russian KB swings

The workout was good and left me sweaty. I’ll be walking this afternoon too for some more activity.

My week…

  • Monday – PFC, work 8:45-1, walk at home, bake bread, unload manure?, piano for L
  • Tuesday – workout at home, field trip with C, stop at Woodman’s before heading home from Madison
  • Wednesday – PFC, walk at home, work WW, weigh-in, work library 5-8:30
  • Thursday – DOR, work 8:45-1, walk?, manure?, work WW 4:45-7
  • Friday – PFC, walk levee with friend, early release from school, L has a dance
  • Saturday – crossfit at home, walk 5k with family
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Long day…

Good evening. I slept from 10pm-4am last night, without moving! Unreal. I did go back to sleep after a quick potty break, and woke up around 5am. I decided to do Thursday’s workout at home.

Thursday’s WOD: 5:30AM
A) Athlete’s choice! Same as last week – for time: 1 mile run or 2K row.
If you were here last week for this, do the opposite of what you did last week. Be sure to write down your times so we can see if you’re improving and by how much when we come back to these!

B) 12 min AMRAP:
10 KB/DB snatch (left arm)
10 Step Ups with your right leg & KB/DB in the front rack on your left side
30 DU (x2 high knees, x3 singles)
10 KB/DB snatch (right arm)
10 Step Ups with your left leg & KB/DB in the front rack on your right side
30 DU (x2 high knees, x3 singles)

I did a warmup similar to the gym and then ran one mile in 9:19 Workout B, I got through 3 rounds and 3 snatches. After I stretched a bit and did some ab work.

I worked until 2pm today and then hubby and the girls met me in town and we headed out shopping. What a zoo! Thankfully the girls came home with shoes, but still no tall boots for C. We got home and I whipped together French Bread Pizzas with the help of L.

I’m finally settling down and getting on the internet.

Tomorrow is another day!

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I’m not sure why I’m so excited it’s Friday. Maybe it’s because I got to go to the gym. Maybe because I don’t work today. Or the girls don’t have to do homework or go to bed early It’s also payday. It’s a combo of all that. There were 4 of us at the gym this morning. The snatch isn’t anyone’s favorite lift, so I knew the class would be small. I also knew I’d go no matter what! 🙂

Friday’s WOD:
A) Snatch, all reps @75%, 3×2 high hang, 3×2 below knee, 3×2 from floor (full), 1:30 clock.
Notes: Similar to last Thursday, if you’re not sure of your 1RM snatch, start light and go up in weight if/when you feel comfortable. If you were here last week for this, hopefully you wrote down the weight you used… If so, try to stay at least at the same weight and really work on your technique. In the high hang, work on pulling yourself under the bar. While pulling from below the knee, work on a smooth transition around the knee. Then put it all together for the full snatch if you’re feeling comfortable. If not, stay with the hang. (See the comments for that link to the video from last week to review the basics of the snatch lift. When you watch it, feel free to follow along!)   – I did 45#

B) Front Squat, 3×8-10 reps @heavier than last week (last week was 65%) 2:30 clock. – I did 75#

C) For time: 15-12-9
Power Snatch, 115/75 – 45#
Overhead Squat, 115/75- 45#
Then, 100 DU – 300 singles
15 min cut off, Scale as needed.

I finished in 8:21 and it was a definite challenge.

On tap for today…

  • head downstairs to finish working out and stretching
  • clean up and head out for some shopping, banking, etc.
  • make bread and granola bars (or save for Sunday)
  • figure out what’s for supper
  • take L and friends to football game, p/u the kids?

On tap for the weekend…

  • work Saturday
  • shoe shopping for the kids in Baraboo
  • Aldi’s in Baraboo
  • p/u manure for the gardens
  • start ripping apart the gardens and adding manure
  • watch a play?
  • go to a movie?

So, how is calorie counting going? I’m going to say excellent. I was around 1800 calories for yesterday and I did ZERO exercise. I know I said I’d walk, but I was not feeling it and did not feel bad for resting (well, only a teeny bit). I’m going to try to stick under 1800 today and hopefully get in a walk this afternoon or evening as time allows.

Enjoy your Friday!

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