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1st day of school (for C) – 4 week challenge for me!

on September 2, 2014

Good Tuesday morning. My sweet child C started school today. 4th grade, time goes quickly.

024 (681x1024)

Love that kid!

I did an abbreviated workout this morning. I went to the gym and did everything but the final workout. I promised C I’d be home early and I promised Ben (the coach) I’d do cardio at home! LOL

Warm up
5 jump pull ups
5 push ups
5 squat
5 box jumps

Mob- Couch stretch
3x :30 each side

A- Front squat, 90sec
Work up to ahap
E3MO3M. 5x
(Every 3 minutes on the 3 minutes)
6 Power Clean. 135/95
6 Shoulder to OH
6 Over Bar Burpees

So just like an emom but 3 minutes instead of one.

Front squats were good, Ben informed me I go down ‘too’ far into the squat which makes it really hard to get out of it, so I went to 90 degrees with my thighs and it was easier. 🙂 After C was on the bus I did do 30 minutes (total) on the elliptical. I broke it up into 10 minute workouts with ab mats in between.

027 (680x1024)

L is home today since 7th grade doesn’t start until tomorrow. She’s having her girlfriends over for one last fun day before school.

I work 1-5 and plan on walking tonight after supper.

So, what Is my 4 week challenge? Simple. I turn 40 in 4 weeks from today. I need to stop over-eating carbs, so that’s the challenge. What’s the reward? Feeling better physically and mentally. Maybe a pair of cross-fit shoes will be in my future. ;P


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