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L’s first day of school!

on September 3, 2014

Happy Hump Day! Today L started school. It’s weird to be home alone for a change. I’m hoping both girls have a good day.

Lydia 7th grade2

Mom and Lydia

I went to the gym today, but left after the lifting to be home to motivate once again.

Warm up
100 Jumping Jacks
100 Mountain Climbers (L+R =1)

Mob- Box shoulder stretch, 5x :30

A- Push Press 90sec
3×5. 6×3 AHAP
B. For Time
Burpees. KB Swings
1. 20
2. 19
3. 18
4. 17
18. 3
19. 2
20. 1

So the reps go down on one and go up on the other.

I’m not sad I missed the burpees! 😛

I work at WW today and have errands to run beforehand. My eating has been good, so we’ll see if the scale agrees. I’d love to get back to goal this month.

I also work tonight at the library, I’m hoping for a productive evening there.

Enjoy your day!


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