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Worked out at home.

on September 9, 2014

First things first, my eating…..well, it still sorta sucks….and I sorta don’t care. Okay, that’s over.

This morning I chose to work out at home, class isn’t until 5:30am and that’s when the girls get up so I did this workout at home. Thankfully hubby built us our own squat rack out of 2×4’s, buckets and concrete! It worked great.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Press, 2×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 2×3@85%, 2:30 clock

B) Cleans from high hang, 3×3@80%, 2:00 clock
Notes: B is based on your 1RM clean & jerk. Drop into the high hang position, pause for 1-2 seconds, and then pull yourself to the bar with fast elbows.

C) Clean & Jerk, 5×1@85%, 1:30 clock

 8 min AMRAP: 2 AbMat Sit-ups, 2 Hand Release Push Up, 4 AbMat, 4 HRPU, 6 AbMat, 6 HRPU, etc…

I do need to invest in a stopwatch though. The interval timer we have is okay for lifting, but not for the 8 min. AMRAP.

I’m walking with a friend this morning and then I work from 1-5. I’m prepping meatloaf for L to put in the oven after school and mashed potatoes for dinner. Sounds yummy!

Enjoy your day!


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