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Thursday’s workout on Saturday

on September 13, 2014

Happy weekend! I did crossfit at home this morning. I also plan on a walk this afternoon while C work’s with Roberta on her art project. I hope the sun comes out by then. 😛

Thursday’s WOD (5:30AM):
A) Snatch, all reps @70%, 3×2 from high hang, 3×2 from below the knee, 3×2 from floor (full), 1:30 clock
Notes: If you’re not sure of your 1RM snatch, start light and go up in weight if/when you feel comfortable. In the high hang, work on pulling yourself under the bar. While pulling from below the knee, work on a smooth transition around the knee. Then put it all together for the full snatch! (Check the comments for a link to a video to review the basics of the snatch lift. Please watch the video before class, and feel free to follow along with the video!)

B) Front Squat, 3×8-10 @65%, 3:00 clock

C) For time: (15min cut off)
Notes: HSPU scaling options are as follow (most to least difficult) – decline push-ups (feet above hands), regular push-ups, incline push-ups (hands above feet)

We have no major plans for the weekend. There are a few things going on in the area that we could go to, but nothing concrete. L isn’t feeling well since last night, so we are nursing her sore throat.

Enjoy the day!


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