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Back to the week….

on September 15, 2014

Let’s see…Friday night and Saturday afternoon C worked with Roberta on her painted cards. They turned out great and Roberta even matted her favorite, so we went out and got a frame for it and hung it on the wall. 🙂

Sunday was a day of hanging out. Hubby took the girls to go buy a laptop of their (our) own. I don’t see myself using it, except on vacation at a hotel. They can figure it all out for me and teach me about it later on.

L was sick all weekend. Friday was a cough, Saturday was a super sore throat and Sunday was the sniffles and lethargy. Thankfully nothing worse than that. She chose to go to school today. I have a feeling she’ll be on the couch again when she gets home.

I was happy to be back at the gym this morning. There were 8 of us there! Awesome!

Monday’s WOD:
A) Back Squat, 2×4@75%, 1×4@80%, 2×4@85%, 2:30 clock
B) Back Squat, AMRAP @70%
Notes: We’re increasing the volume this week to 5×4. Feel free to add 5-10# from last week on the 5th set if you can. This week the cap is 15 reps for part B.
C) Plank Hold, 8min w/ 10 Double Unders EMOM.
Rest 8 min
D) Lunge 400ft holding KB or DB however you want. 10 min cut off.

Part C will start with 10 DU, then the remainder of the minute will be held in a front or side plank (if you don’t have DU, sub 2x high knees or 3x singles).
Part D, you will be lunging from one end of the gym to the other for a total of 400ft. It will be over when you’ve accumulated 400ft or after 10 minutes. You will also be carrying a KB or DB (carry it however you like). If the KB/DB touches the ground at any time before you’re finished there will be a 10 burpee penalty.

I’m really liking the new programming!

My week…

  • Monday – PFC, work 8:45-1, walk at home
  • Tuesday – PFC? (I may sneak it in this Tuesday), walk at home (or outside), work 1-5
  • Wednesday – PFC, walk at home, work WW (weigh-in), work library 5-8:30
  • Thursday – DOR, work 8:45-1, walk at home
  • Friday – PFC, walk at home, L has band for the football game
  • Saturday – workout at home, work 8:45-2
  • Sunday – ?, movie?

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