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3 strikes!

on September 17, 2014

This week’s weigh-in will be baaaaddddd, I call it the three strikes against me. #1 SORE legs and butt (water retention) #2 BAAAADDDD eating (water retention from carbs)  #3 TOM is here, enough said.

Instead of dwelling on how bad it’s going to be I’m going to focus on how much I enjoyed the gym this morning. It’s such a wonderful group of people that I get to work out with each day. It makes me proud to accomplish the workouts each day.

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Strict Pull-ups, 10min AMRAP
If you can get body weight pull-ups, increase your reps from last week or add weight. If you are using a band(s) for assistance then increase the difficulty. Remember, the goal is to finish the month being stronger with your pull-ups!
With a Partner:
Row: Max distance in 8 min, switching every 250M
Rest 4 min
Burpees: Max in 8 min, switching every 10-15
Rest 4 min
Run: Max distance in 8 min, done in alternating 200M runs
Notes: This will be an “I go, you go” WOD so only one person will be working at a time.

My partner today was Jess B. We rowed 1500 meters, did 120 burpees and ran 2200 meters. Not too shabby!

On tap for today….

  • shopping before Weight Watchers
  • Working and weighing in at WW
  • work library 5-8:30

Tomorrow morning is my day of rest and I plan on doing that workout on Saturday morning.

Enjoy your day!


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