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Changing it up.

on September 18, 2014

Good morning! Thursday is my morning to sleep in. Woohoo to sleeping until 5:30am! 🙂 I do plan on walking this afternoon and after supper though, nothing crazy!

So, yesterday I weighed in. It was bad, like really bad, like I’ve gained 13# in a year bad. Anyway, I came up with a new idea. I think I burnt out on counting points with WW. So I decided to count calories for a bit. I went online and found out about how much I should eat to lose 1# a week. The average was around 1700 calories. Yesterday I clocked in at 1790 which is great compared to how I have been eating. I have most of my food mapped out for today too and it looks like I should stay on track fairly easily.

Here’s a list of all the yummy food I enjoyed yesterday for those calories.

  • Jello with fruit and applesauce (40)
  • oatmeal with a bunch of things mixed in (325)
  • cappuccino (50)   1 c. grapes (115)   jello (20)
  • sunflower seeds (twice – 80 cal. each time)
  • veggies (40)  10 calorie soda
  • salad (40) dressing (50) tilapia (100) butternut squash (30)
  • smoothie with mix, banana, strawberries and dark chocolate (235)
  • cappuccino (50)
  • wrap with turkey and laughing cow cheese (175)
  • celebration bar (80)
  • jello (20)
  • popcorn with 1 t. olive oil (150)
  • apple (80)
  • Should total 1790 calories. I did crossfit in the morning and a 40 minute walk in the afternoon

Overall, I’m very happy with my day of food. The day before, the food list would have been twice as long!

Enjoy your Friday Eve!


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