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One week in…

on September 24, 2014

Happy Wednesday! I survived the field trip. Wow, those kids are exhausting. Here are some pics from yesterday.

4th graders




I got to bed early last night so I’d be ready for this morning’s workout. Instead I hit snooze and had to rush around to get there on time! 😛

Wednesday’s WOD!
A) 10 min to accumulate more strict pull-ups than last week. If you struggled toward the end of the 10 minutes last week and/or felt very sore after the workout, try starting with a thicker band(s) or adding during the 10 min. However, you still want to challenge yourself as the goal here is to improve your pull-ups! If you can get more than 40 STRICT pull-ups in 10 min (Strict meaning all reps with your chin over the bar, no kicking or kipping) then add weight.
25 min AMRAP @80-85% effort:
Alt’g 400M Run & 400M Row
30 DUs (If you don’t have DU, sub 30 target jumps)
20 Russian KB swings
10 Push Ups
5 T2B
Notes: Alternate the Run & Row each round if there is a rower available. If the rowers are in use, get running! Pace yourself at about 80-85% of your max effort. Don’t go ALL OUT but keep moving throughout.

The workout was pretty tough. At one point of running I thought I might puke. I didn’t, but it was a thought. An old member rejoined this morning and it was great to see her there. 🙂

On tap for today….I’m heading downstairs soon to walk and watch Hell’s Kitchen. Shower up and head out to shop a bit before I work at Weight Watchers. I weigh in today and have no clue what will happen. I’ve been counting calories for a week now and it’s going well. I feel a healthier relationship with food again. I plan on doing it again this coming week. Except for maybe on my birthday. LOL I work tonight at the library and then again tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your day!


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