Happy Halloween!

Day 2 was a success yesterday! Thank goodness for that, it ensured that my Halloween shirt fit this morning! LOL I even wore I tiny witches hat to the gym this morning. We had 2 other ladies in costumes too.

Friday’s WOD: costumes optional!
A) For Time:
400M run, then – we rowed instead (it was snowing and cold!)
11-8-5 of
Thrusters, 95/65… – I did 55#
Rest 6min
400M run, then – I Airdyned it!
10-7-4 of
Thrusters, 95/65

B) 15 min skill work of your choice

Notes: If you’ll look closely you’ll be able to figure out where the numbers come from. Have fun!

Todays workout was basically Fran in disguise for Halloween!

I can’t begin to say how HAPPY I am that it’s FRIDAY! This week has been sooo long with working extra hours, etc. Yeah, I know, don’t complain, I only work part-time, but it was rough! I do work today from 1-6, but I have the entire morning for myself (and chores!).

Here are some pics from today’s workout.

006 (1024x684)

009 (1024x681)

012 (1024x681)

015 (682x1024)

My buddy Michelle!

001 (684x1024)

Judy doing Thrusters and Leah hanging out!

004 (683x1024)

Tracy busting it out on the Airdyne!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Happy Thursday! Yesterday I did not exercise, instead I focused on getting my eating on track. I’ve been sucking at healthy eating lately. I’m turning that around, and I did yesterday. 🙂 I’ve devised a reward system for each week I keep it together. I’m hoping that will help a bit.

This morning I went to the gym since hubby was home.

Thursday’s WOD:
A) 2-stop clean (2 sec pause below knee and 2 sec pause above the knee): 2 reps cleans + 1 jerk. 7 sets, AHAP; 1:45 clock

B) Back Squat: 5×3, Heavier than last week; 2:00 Clock

C) 1 attempt for max reps:
Max Effort UB Wall ball

Part A) I’m going to be recording some of these lifts so that we can review and see if you are in the correct positions or not. If not, we can address what needs to be corrected. Being in correct position/form on these technical lifts like the clean & snatch will allow you to perform the movement safely (and will allow you lift more!).
Part C) If you get less than 50 reps you have to do it again. Just kidding. Or am I???

I lifted the same for the C&J, heavier on the back squat and got 37 unbroken wall balls done. I should have had more, but besides my quads being on fire, my arms just could not toss that 14# ball into the air anymore. Others got 40, 50 & 60 wall balls.

I work until 1pm, then chores at home for me. C has art club and I have work at WW.

Enjoy your Friday Eve!

Hangin’ in…

Things are going okay. My eating is so-so, but my exercise is great!

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Overhead Squat: 5×3, Heavier than last week. 2:00 clock
B) 1 snatch grip deadlift + 1 snatch: 6×1, begin at 75% and build per set; 1:45 clock
C) 5 Rounds, each on a 3 min clock:
6 Front squats @ 75% 1RM Clean
10 Burpees
10 KB Swings

The workout today was good, but I just felt a bit ‘off’ on my snatches. Ben said they looked good, but I wasn’t feeling it like last week.

A coworkers grandson was killed in a car accident on Sunday. That means today I work 1-8:30pm. Long day ahead.

Happy 12th Birthday L!

Last night L and I were talking about the night she was born. It’s amazing after 12 years how much I remember and DON’T remember. 😛

Lydia 12th bday morning

Tonight for supper she’s requested egg soufflé. I’m not a fan, so I’ll eat something else and the three of them can devour the huge soufflé!

This morning it was back to the gym!

This week we’re having our Fundamentals Classes on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at the regular class times!
Monday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift: 5×3, 2:00 clock – I did 155#, then 160# for 4 rounds
B) Press: Build to AHAP in 10min – I got back to 70#!
C) Press: 5min AMRAP @85% 1RM … – I got in 20 reps at 60#
D) 4RFT:
5 Deadlifts at 225/155 – I did 125#
10 Box Jumps (step down) 24″/20″
200M Run – I finished in 8 minutes!

Notes: This week we are going back up in volume. Try to mimic the weights you did for last week’s deadlifts, but for more reps. Go up in weight if you can. For B, try to reach a higher weight than last week. For C, accumulate as many reps as you can at 85% of your 1RM press, resting as needed. For D, 15min cut off for triplet MetCon.

Today it’s off to work. Enjoy your day!

Happy Weekend!

Let’s see….Saturday I worked out at home, worked until 2pm and then came home and hung out with the family.

Today I slept in, baked bread, laundry, dishes, cleaned cabinets, etc. After lunch we headed to Pewitt’s Nest. I can’t remember when hubby and I last went, but it was without the girls and we wanted them to see it. It’s definitely different in the fall with all the leaves everywhere, but it was still beautiful!

094 (1024x682)

100 (682x1024)

103 (683x1024)

107 (758x1024)

109 (684x1024)

127 (1024x682)

This coming week…

  • Monday – PFC, work 8:45-2, walk at home, L’s birthday dinner at home!
  • Tuesday – workout at home, work 1-5
  • Wednesday – PFC, walk at home, work WW (weigh-in), work 3-8:30 at library
  • Thursday – DOR, work 8:45-1, C has Art Club, work WW (inventory night)
  • Friday – PFC, walk at home, work 1-6, girls trick or treat with friends, sleepover

Birthday Party and Friday WOD

Yesterday L had her friends over and they went to get their nails done. It was a nice time for them to have some pampering done.

016 (797x1024)

023 (1024x682)

034 (769x1024)

045 (682x1024)

049 (681x1024)

050 (1024x681)

056 (769x1024)

057 (681x1024)

She got great presents and had a fun time watching scary movies. I went to bed at 9pm and when I woke up around 12am they were still awake in L’s bedroom. It’s now almost 8am and they are still asleep.

I was so confused this morning about what day it is, it felt like Monday! Thankfully it’s FRIDAY!!!!

Friday’s WOD:
A) 2-stop clean (2 sec pause below knee and 2 sec pause above the knee): 7×2 + 1 jerk, AHAP; 2:00 clock
Notes: This is 2 cleans, then 1 jerk, 7 sets. See video in comments for demo of what the 2-stop clean is and check out the video from Tuesday’s WOD if you need a refresher on the clean..   60#, 65#, 70#, 75#, 80#, 85# (2)

B) 12 min AMRAP:
2 Front Squat @ 115/95 – I did 55#
2 KB/DB Snatch – 15# dumb bell
2 Box Jump

4 Front Squat
4 KB/DB Snatch
4 Box Jump

Etc. Continue to add two reps to each exercise per round for the entirety of the 12 min.

I made it to 14 reps and got 1/2 way through the snatches.

I’m going to walk on the treadmill and watch Hell’s Kitchen, shower up and get ready for the girls to be awake. They go home between 10-11 and then I want to make a stop at Walmart for a new fall jacket. I couldn’t find anything the last time I went, but I’m hoping for input from the girls. I’m also thinking we need a few more fish since we are down to 1!

Around 3:30pm I leave for the annual meeting for Weight Watchers in Tomah. I’m hoping that will help with my re-motivation to stay on track!

One day down….

Yesterday was good. I was pretty busy which is always good. My weigh-in wasn’t so good. 😛 I talked to my co-workers about redoing my online training for work and my boss approved it. I’ll be working on that on Sunday for a bit. I need to refind my mojo. Thankfully, I counted points yesterday and stayed at 26 without eating like a pig! Yea for me!

I work today until 1 and I hope the rain holds off so I can get apples at the farmer’s market.

L and C have a list to work on in preparation for L’s birthday party. I hope they get it all done before I get home.

All I have left is to glaze her birthday cake. L didn’t get my sweet tooth and does not like icing, I’m still up in the air if I’ll have cake or not tonight.

That’s my day, enjoy yours!