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First day of October, back on track

on October 1, 2014

I ended up having a nice birthday yesterday. I got many wonderful cards and some great gifts! My family got me body wash, a new watch, homemade earrings from the girls and a veggetti! I can’t wait to use that thing. We went out to dinner for pizza and I didn’t go overboard. Well, maybe 2 slices of dessert pizza, but it was my 40th birthday! 😛

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Today is the 1st day of October, the 1st FULL day of being 40 and it’s time to get back to tracking my calories. I’m ready for it and I need it. I won’t weigh in today, but next week I will.

This morning at the gym was tough. I had a nightmare about my legs feeling paralyzed after the workout and at the time I didn’t even know what it was! My legs are sore, but I’m walking and watching Hell’s Kitchen in a bit before I shower up.

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift: 7×2, 1:30 clock
Notes; it’s been a while since we trained the deadlift. This month we’ll be working these in so think of today as a refresher. A good starting point would be around 60% (if you know your DL 1RM). Build each round as long as your form doesn’t fall apart. I deadlifted 130# and then 135#, I could have done more, but I was really concentrating on form.

B) For time:
800M Run
100 DUs – I did 150 target jumps
100 Russian KB swings
50 Burpees
800M Run

Notes; 25 min cut off

I don’t know what my finish time was, but I did finish!

Enjoy your day!


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