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Back from the UP

on October 13, 2014

Happy Monday! It’s good to be home, but we had such a nice weekend. We left Friday for Escanaba, MI and then Saturday was spent exploring Marquette and Munising. We hiked at Presque Isle, climbed Sugar Loaf Mountain, saw waterfalls and went to Painted Rocks. All of it was beautiful and the weather was sunny and cool. Thankfully there was no rain in sight.

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I was happy to be back at the gym this morning. I worked out at the hotel on Saturday and we hiked like crazy that day, but Sunday was a lot more time in the van. My calves are sore from all the stair climbing and I was hoping they would loosen up a bit after the workout.

Monday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift: 5×3, start at 75% and build each set. 2:00 clock – I did 155#

B) Press: 10 min to build to as heavy as possible – maxed at 65#

C) Press: 5 minutes to accumulate reps @80% of B – 22 reps

D) EMOM x10
Even: Max Effort Unbroken pull-ups – 49 total reps
Odd: 15 Wall Ball – 14# ball

Notes: Part C, repack the bar as needed. Part D, depending on the amount of people we have, the Even/Odd may be reversed for some.

I work today until 1pm and then C gets a tooth pulled in the afternoon. On vacation C lost a tooth, but NOT the one that needed to come out. 😛 The cool part was she let me pull it out! The man working at the gas station thought it was odd, oh well, maybe he doesn’t have kids.

Enjoy the day!


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