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Turkeys in my yard!

on October 15, 2014

As I type there are 11 turkeys in our yard. Let’s say my cat is not happy about it! LOL I find it entertaining, to both watch the cat be upset about not being able to get them and watching the turkeys peck around our yard.

So, yesterday C got her braces on. She’s suffering a little bit. I did buy her some slim fast to drink. The reason I bought that was the yogurt smoothie had over 50 grams of sugar and the slim fast had about 1/2 that! I was looking for the protein for her since she won’t be able to eat much of that. She did well with supper and had one snack, but she’s realizing how long it takes to floss and brush around all the wires and brackets. I told her with time it will get faster, she just has to keep doing it to get more efficient. I think she’ll do great. While I was at the gym her big sister took care of her and made her pancakes for breakfast. I told her she’d want to steer away from cereal for a bit until the pain was gone. She’s a trooper, she has her lunch of slim fast, applesauce, yogurt and a mashed banana! 🙂

I slept really well again last night and was ready for the gym!

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Overhead Squat from rack: 5×3, 2:00 clock. Begin @75% of 1RM snatch & build each set if possible. – I started at 40#, 45# and then 50#

B) 1 snatch deadlift + 1 snatch: 5 sets, 1:30 clock. Begin @75% and build each set. (On the Snatch DL, pause at just below the knee same weight scheme as above

8 min to accumulate as many hill run relays as possible with a partner (carrying a wall ball. If the WB touches the ground at any point both partners have a 10 burpee penalty.) – he changed to 6:30 clock due to time constraints, we carried a 10# ball

Rest 4min

8 min AMRAP w/ partner (alternate complete rounds with your partner):
10 hand release push ups
30 mountain climbers  he changed to 6:30 clock due to time constraints

Notes: Part A, OHS is a very important lift that requires and develops great core strength, shoulder mobility and improves your snatch. It can also be a very humbling lift – be conservative to start and remember to keep “active shoulders”.
Part B, when performing the snatch DL make sure to maintain your back angle until the bar is past your knees (the hips and shoulders are rising at the same rate), then open your hips. See comments for a video demo.

I work WW today and weigh-in. It’ll be bad due to the triple threat…..bad eating over the weekend, TOM is here and sore quads. It is what it is.

Enjoy your day!


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