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Happy 12th Birthday L!

on October 27, 2014

Last night L and I were talking about the night she was born. It’s amazing after 12 years how much I remember and DON’T remember. 😛

Lydia 12th bday morning

Tonight for supper she’s requested egg soufflé. I’m not a fan, so I’ll eat something else and the three of them can devour the huge soufflé!

This morning it was back to the gym!

This week we’re having our Fundamentals Classes on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at the regular class times!
Monday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift: 5×3, 2:00 clock – I did 155#, then 160# for 4 rounds
B) Press: Build to AHAP in 10min – I got back to 70#!
C) Press: 5min AMRAP @85% 1RM … – I got in 20 reps at 60#
D) 4RFT:
5 Deadlifts at 225/155 – I did 125#
10 Box Jumps (step down) 24″/20″
200M Run – I finished in 8 minutes!

Notes: This week we are going back up in volume. Try to mimic the weights you did for last week’s deadlifts, but for more reps. Go up in weight if you can. For B, try to reach a higher weight than last week. For C, accumulate as many reps as you can at 85% of your 1RM press, resting as needed. For D, 15min cut off for triplet MetCon.

Today it’s off to work. Enjoy your day!


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