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on October 30, 2014

Happy Thursday! Yesterday I did not exercise, instead I focused on getting my eating on track. I’ve been sucking at healthy eating lately. I’m turning that around, and I did yesterday. 🙂 I’ve devised a reward system for each week I keep it together. I’m hoping that will help a bit.

This morning I went to the gym since hubby was home.

Thursday’s WOD:
A) 2-stop clean (2 sec pause below knee and 2 sec pause above the knee): 2 reps cleans + 1 jerk. 7 sets, AHAP; 1:45 clock

B) Back Squat: 5×3, Heavier than last week; 2:00 Clock

C) 1 attempt for max reps:
Max Effort UB Wall ball

Part A) I’m going to be recording some of these lifts so that we can review and see if you are in the correct positions or not. If not, we can address what needs to be corrected. Being in correct position/form on these technical lifts like the clean & snatch will allow you to perform the movement safely (and will allow you lift more!).
Part C) If you get less than 50 reps you have to do it again. Just kidding. Or am I???

I lifted the same for the C&J, heavier on the back squat and got 37 unbroken wall balls done. I should have had more, but besides my quads being on fire, my arms just could not toss that 14# ball into the air anymore. Others got 40, 50 & 60 wall balls.

I work until 1pm, then chores at home for me. C has art club and I have work at WW.

Enjoy your Friday Eve!


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