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Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 2014

Day 2 was a success yesterday! Thank goodness for that, it ensured that my Halloween shirt fit this morning! LOL I even wore I tiny witches hat to the gym this morning. We had 2 other ladies in costumes too.

Friday’s WOD: costumes optional!
A) For Time:
400M run, then – we rowed instead (it was snowing and cold!)
11-8-5 of
Thrusters, 95/65… – I did 55#
Rest 6min
400M run, then – I Airdyned it!
10-7-4 of
Thrusters, 95/65

B) 15 min skill work of your choice

Notes: If you’ll look closely you’ll be able to figure out where the numbers come from. Have fun!

Todays workout was basically Fran in disguise for Halloween!

I can’t begin to say how HAPPY I am that it’s FRIDAY! This week has been sooo long with working extra hours, etc. Yeah, I know, don’t complain, I only work part-time, but it was rough! I do work today from 1-6, but I have the entire morning for myself (and chores!).

Here are some pics from today’s workout.

006 (1024x684)

009 (1024x681)

012 (1024x681)

015 (682x1024)

My buddy Michelle!

001 (684x1024)

Judy doing Thrusters and Leah hanging out!

004 (683x1024)

Tracy busting it out on the Airdyne!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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