My life as a woman, wife and mother.

On to day 4!

on November 1, 2014

Happy Saturday! Last night I went to bed and had to think about what day it was going to be. Did I need to set my alarm? Go to the gym? Work? Thank goodness it was Saturday!!!! I slept until 4:30 or so and got up to do a Jillian Michael’s DVD. I haven’t done it in ages and it was harder than I expected. My shoulders were on fire! I much prefer going to the gym. 😛

So yesterday was Halloween. After many texts back and forth C got to meet up with L and all her buddies and go trick-or-treating. She got home around 7pm with just enough candy and goodies. Of course she shared her large tootsie roll with me since she knows I like those. I did NOT eat it yesterday, but plan on eating it later today for a treat. L is at a sleepover and I have no idea when she’s coming home. I figure she can hang with her friends as long as she’s able to.

C and I need to work on her bookshelf today and the bins under her bed. I’m hoping to get that accomplished this morning. I need to go through my recipes and get them put in to my books. I tend to print out a recipe or write one out and then I have a binder that I put the actual recipe in on a card. It only gets a card if the family likes it. 🙂

We don’t have many plans for the weekend. Household things, etc.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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