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On to a new week!

on November 3, 2014

I survived the weekend without eating copious amounts of food! Go me! 😛 I did get some Halloween candy from the girls, but not too much.

Yesterday was a DOR, but I did do the 1 mile walk around the neighborhood.

I also made some new-to-me foods this weekend. Well, more like new recipes. On Saturday I needed to use up some ground turkey and we had some crescent rolls left from L’s birthday party. I made a taco braid with it! It was the crescent rolls rolled out in a pan with the sides pinched together. I filled it with taco meat, black olives and cheese. We ate it with sour cream and refried beans. Everyone in the family loved it! Sunday night I roasted a chicken in the oven. I’ve made a turkey before, but I’ve never roasted a whole chicken. It turned out delicious and was just falling off the bone. It was another hit in our house! Tonight is stir-fry with homemade light crab Rangoon. I have high hopes for those little bundles of love! I’m sure they won’t be as delicious as the Chinese restaurant, but they also won’t leave me with a gut ache.

I went to bed early last night due to the time change. Sunday morning I was awake at 3:30am, so I was asleep at 8pm last night.

Monday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift: 5×2, up from last week, 2:00 clock, don’t drop your bar – I got up to 165#
B) Press: 5×1.1.1, on the :20/rest 2:00 – I got up to 65#
C) For max reps:
2min ME rev’s with a jump rope
2min ME wall ball
2min ME burpees

My total was 331 reps for workout C. Of course I did the best on the jump rope, so-so on wall balls and by the time the burpees came along I was sucking wind!

Part B) Cluster sets for the press: you’ll do 1 rep every 20sec x3 followed by 2 min of rest. Focus on loading tension into your shoulders/lats when unracking the bar and using that tension to accelerate the bar off of your chest. You should be able to go heavy.
Part C) You’ll have 10 seconds to transition between each exercise.

My week….

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1, walk at home, L has piano
  • Tuesday – gym? (if hubby is off work) or workout at home, work 1-8:30
  • Wednesday – gym, work Weight Watchers and weigh-in (every week this month), out for lunch with Gayle and Mayo since it’s their last week. Next week the new leader starts. Her name is Chris and she’s been doing the receptionist with us for the last few months. Then work library 5-8:30.
  • Thursday – day of rest?, work 8:45-1, pickup kids from Art Club, work WW
  • Friday – gym……day wide open right now…L has a dance at school

Enjoy your day!


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