My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Almost there….

on November 4, 2014

Good Tuesday morning! Let’s recap yesterday. I went to the gym, worked until 1pm, went for a walk in the afternoon, made a delicious supper that everyone loved, took L to piano and got to sleep early.

I got up and did 30 minutes total on the elliptical. I’m also going to walk and watch TV in a bit and then shower up for the day. I work 1-8:30 today so I have to pack supper. Today marks day 7 of staying on track with eating. I’ve logged all my food and points and out of the 49 weeklies I have 26 or so left. I won’t use them all today since I weigh-in tomorrow and that would only give me the ‘okay’ to binge. Something I do not want to do. My first reward for having a good week is to buy a new body wash. I love all the wonderful scents they make now and of course I want a new one! I’ll be picking that up tomorrow when I make my stop at Walmart.

My plans for tomorrow are….gym, walk at home, work WW, weigh-in, out to lunch at Pizza Ranch (good choices), walk at home, work 5-8:30 and get to sleep earlier than normal on a Wednesday night.

Enjoy your day!


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