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Do I or don’t I?

on November 11, 2014

A while back I applied for a job with the US Post Office. They offered it to me, but the hours were too early for our family. There is another job posted and I’ve emailed the contact about the start time. Why waste my time applying if the start time is just too early. We’ll see if she gets back to me today. The pay is great and so are the benefits, I hope the hours are good. If not for me, maybe I can get hubby to apply! LOL

It was off to the gym for me today. Hubby was going to be staying home, but got called into work. The girls did great on their own and got ready for school. I knew they could.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) OHS: 6×1, Build to AHAP, 1:15 clock – new PR 75#!

B) Snatch Deadlift: 8 min to build to a heavy single – I did 105#, but 95# was much better form.

C) Snatch: 6×1 @90-95% 1RM, 1:15 clock – failed on 70# twice, but was soooo close to it!

D)10 Min of Planks
1 min plank hold, 20 seconds rest x10 – not super easy, but not too tough either.

Notes: Part B) See the comments section as an example what we’re looking for in the snatch DL today. You should be able to snatch DL shrug more than you can actually snatch. Use it as a primer for the snatch.

I’m looking forward to going tomorrow too. 🙂

On tap for today….I’ll be walking and watching TV soon. I have to prep chili for the crockpot. I go in to work from 1-5pm today. Nothing on tap for tonight, woohoo!


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