My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Sleepy Thursday!

on November 13, 2014

Day of rest for me, although I may walk and watch TV this afternoon. I said ‘may’. LOL

I weighed in yesterday and I was down 0.6# surprisingly. I’ll take it though. Eating and exercise yesterday were good. I bought myself some flowers as my weekly reward. They are so pretty and are fall colors.

I work today 8:45-1 and then have to pickup the girls from Art Club. I don’t work WW tonight because C has parent teacher conferences. I’m hoping for an early to bed night. I’ll be going to the gym in the morning and then I work 8:45-1 tomorrow for a co-worker. I know I’ll be going to bed early Friday night since the next morning is our Cookie Bake! We have to be on the road at 6:10ish to pickup my friend and her daughters. Then it will be fun and long day of baking cookies, candies and quick bread. We are coming home that night so by the time we get home I’ll be ready for bed!

My reward for this coming week is getting my hair done. I could use a trim and a color for the winter blahs that are sure to come. 😛

Sunday I’m hoping to get L and myself some winter boots. I saw in the Farm & Fleet flyer there are a few pairs that look promising. With L it’s all about style, with me it’s warmth and comfort! I need them so we can snow shoe this winter and stay active.

That’s what I know, enjoy your Friday Eve!


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