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on November 17, 2014

Early to bed, early to rise….all for this workout.

Monday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift: 10×1, build to 95%+, 1:15 clock – I got to 190# for the last 7 reps
B) Press: 5×1.1.1, on the :20/rest 2:00 – 65# again for me
C) EMOMx10:
Odd: 6 Thrusters, heavy – I did 55#
Even: 5 chest to bar (CTB) pull ups – green band

Notes: This week will look a lot like last week, as far as the barbell work goes. The goal again this week is to build volume at near max weights. No missed reps! No max efforts. If you missed any reps last week then your goal is to build to that same weight and complete at least one rep at that weight. Save the max effort stuff for next week when we retest CrossFit total and weightlifting total.
A) get to 95% in the first few rounds and try to stay there for as many rounds as you can.
B) Try to go up from last week.

I work until 1pm, then I plan on walking and watching Hell’s Kitchen. It’ll be back to work at 5pm and I hope to get to bed soon after I get home. Hubby doesn’t work tomorrow so I’m going to the gym!


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