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At home workout!

on November 25, 2014

Well, we got a bunch of snow yesterday. It started around 10:30am when I was at work. Stupidly I did not bring my boots to work so I had to slop through the slushy snow to my car. Lesson learned, pay more attention to the weather forecast. 🙂 I got home and hubby was home from work, snowed out. He proceeded to unclog the drain in the basement. Our tub sink was backed up from the washing machine to the main line. After about 45 minutes of rodding out the pipe he got the clog out. Thankful for having a handy husband. I can’t imagine what a plumber would have cost. While he was doing this I was on the treadmill for my afternoon activity. I canceled L’s piano for last night. It just wasn’t worth driving out in, although hubby said he would have taken her in his 4×4 truck! LOL No harm done, the girls were able to play outside in the snow while I made supper. After supper hubby was working out and C went down to workout with him. She was quite shaky in the legs when she was done! LOL

I looked at the gym workout this morning and opted to do my version at home.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) EMOMx12:
Odd- 15 KBS, 60/40lbs – I don’t have KB, but I used a 20# dumbbell which was waaaayyy to light!
Even- AD for cal, 20M/15F – no AD at our house, I did 10 air squats instead

Rest 3min

B) EMOMx12:
Odd- 5 HSPU (Handstand Push Up) – I did 10 hand release push ups
Even- 8 T2B (Toes to Bar) – 2 rounds of T2B (my hands were killing me!), then I switched to 10 supermans

Rest 3min

C) EMOMx12:
Odd- 5 Box jumps to a tall box – I don’t have a tall box so I did 8 jumps
Even- 20 Abmat sit ups – this I did as written!

Notes: Scale for HSPU is HRPUx10.

In a bit I’m going to walk and watch TV and then shower up for the day. L and hubby already shoveled this morning so I don’t have to do that. I work 1-5 today.

Enjoy your day!


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