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At the gym….

on December 2, 2014

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was on track with food and exercise! Woohoo for me. 😛

After work I headed to Walmart for some things and I found an outfit for L’s concert on Thursday. Thankfully I bought the right sizes and she loved it! I figured I couldn’t go wrong with her favorite color, teal. The other pants are getting returned and C liked the other shirt, but she needs a larger size in it. I’ll do that exchange on Wednesday.

I got to bed pretty early and had a great night’s sleep so I could get to the gym and work it out! We were having weird computer issues last night and this morning so my mind was elsewhere, but as soon as the warmup started I focused on the task at hand.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Press: 5×5@65%, build each round, 2:30 clock
Notes: For the press, begin around 65% and build each round. Reps should be unbroken. – I started with 50#, 55#, 60#

B) Snatch: 8×2, TnG (Touch & Go), Build to AHAP, on a 2min clock – I was told I had a cute snatch by Leah LOL! Anyway, I started with 45#, then 55#, finally 60#! Lot’s of reps helps with muscle memory.

C) 10min AMRAP:
15 KBS, 32/24kg – I used 30#
10 Push Press, 135/95# – I went with 65# for this
5 Pull-ups – 1 green band for me

I think I got through 5 rounds or so. I didn’t keep track I just tried to work hard.

I’m going to walk and watch Hell’s Kitchen soon and then get cleaned up for my day. I’m making beef barley stew for supper, except I hardly have any barley left. I should have checked my stash before I left for work yesterday. It’ll work out though.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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