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on December 5, 2014

Happy Friday, TGIF! My sleep has been lacking the past two nights, but I can sleep in tomorrow! 🙂

The dentist went well yesterday. This new place has a TV to watch so I found a new house rehab show to watch, Rehab Addict. I believe it’s on Netflix so I may have to watch that along with Hell’s Kitchen. After my cleaning I went to JoAnn Fabrics and got a few Christmas gifts for the girls. We are almost done now. I have to get C a bday card and one more gift for her birthday. Last night was L’s band concert. They did so great! In fact, the entire concert was very good, there is some serious talent in the bands and choirs at her school.

Today at the gym was nice. There were 8 people there and we went in two heats for Grace. I went in the first group and finished in 2:38 at 65#, up 10# from the last time we did it.

Friday’s WOD:
30 C&J for time, 135/95

Then 15 minutes of skill work (ex: practice kipping, rope climbs, handstands, ring work, etc). Use this time wisely – come to class with a plan.

The skill I worked on was double unders and I have the whip marks to prove it! C was horrified by my arms when I got home. LOL After that skill I did some handstands just because we haven’t done them in forever. Then I helped Michelle do them and encouraged her to kick up to the wall. She never did make it on her own, but I assisted 3 times and I think it helped her confidence.

I need to walk and watch TV yet and C’s concert is at 1:30pm. I’m going to sign her out early and we are going to Walmart to get items for baking cookies tomorrow. Then we are stopping at Dairy Queen to order her ice cream cake for her birthday party next Saturday. She chose to go bowling which is right next to DQ, makes it easy to pick up on the way to bowling.

That’s what I know, enjoy the FRIDAY!


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