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One day…

on December 11, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday I worked WW with my friend Cheryl. It was just she and I since Chris was stuck in Dallas with a flight delay or something. Despite being shorthanded we did great and the meeting started on time. After that we headed to La Tolteca, a Mexican restaurant. I ordered the same thing I had on date night with hubby, Fiesta del Mar. Basically pan fried tilapia with a bit of cheese, shrimp and tomatoes on top. I asked for no rice and to double the veggies which was a California blend. It also came with a bit of lettuce with guacamole on it. It was delicious again, but I vow the next time I have to order something else! Oh, I also did not have ONE chip with salsa. I was so wrapped up in talking with my friend that I didn’t even feel tempted even though I was starving at this point! We ended lunch around 2:30pm since Cheryl needed to get to Madison yet for some shopping. I’m happy to say I had a great day of eating for a change.

Today is a DOR for me. I didn’t get to sleep until 10pm and 5am came way to quickly. I work 8:45-1 today and I have to pick up the kids from Art Club after school. Hubby will then get them from the church and bring them home. They both have to work on their bedrooms tonight, especially L since she’s having a friend over tomorrow night.

Let’s see how tomorrow is going to go…….I’ll go to the gym (naturally), get the kiddos off to school, walk and watch TV and get cleaned up. I have to be at Edgewater a bit before noon to help with distribution of wreaths and poinsettias. I have to leave around 3ish to get the kids from school and take them to the eye doctor. They also want to stop at the Dollar Tree after. It will depend on how much time we have since l needs to be home by 5:45 to get picked up to go to the dance. I told them worst-case scenario they will be eating McDonald’s for supper that night. “I” won’t be though. 😛 I do have to pickup L and her friend at 8pm from the dance before I can bunk down for the night.

That’s what I know. Enjoy your Friday EVE!


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