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Catching up

on December 27, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Where has the time gone? Let’s see….Christmas morning we ended up waking the girls up to open gifts since we had to get moving that morning to the inlaw’s house. I’d say the girls were very happy with all their gifts, but loved the major one the most. L got a camera and C got her own papason chair. We rearranged the furniture to incorporate her chair. So far I’m liking the new look.

Friday morning hubby and I got grocery shopping done since the fridge was pretty bare. I didn’t snag any good after Christmas deals since I just didn’t need anything in particular. Both girls got their hair trimmed up on Friday morning too, a needed thing for L and her long curly hair! In the afternoon the girls’ friends came over and they stayed busy the entire day! They all get along so great, I love to see it.

So now today is Saturday. I’ve exercised Friday & today and probably will walk again this afternoon. Sadly my back it out and I won’t have time for the chiropractor until Tuesday morning! I hope I can make it until then. At 11:30 all four girls are going to see Annie. After that L may have piano and/or we are going shopping at Goodwill and Walmart. I need to find some new bras and some new exercise clothes. Some of them I’ve had for years!

The girls are off school all next week and here is the upcoming week…

  • Sunday – workout at home, ?
  • Monday – gym, take girls to art class in Madison, lunch at Subway, work 2-5, roller skating for the girls?
  • Tuesday – gym, walk & watch TV, work 1-5, my best friend Rachel and her family will visit that evening
  • Wednesday – gym, walk & watch TV, work WW and weigh-in
  • Thursday – workout at home or DOR (depending on how I feel)
  • Friday – gym?
  • Saturday – workout at home, L has a sleepover?
  • Sunday – prepare for school the next day!

I’m not sure what else is going on over break, but I’m sure something will come up!


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