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New Year’s Eve! See ya 2014.

on December 31, 2014

Today is the last day of 2014. I’m focused on making 2015 my year. Did I set resolutions? No, nothing specific. I do want to treat myself better. I think I deserve that.

I read 116 books in 2014! That trumps 99 from 2013. 🙂

I have two good eating days under my belt! I weigh-in today, eh, whatever about that.

The gym today was killer!

Wednesday’s WOD:
This will be a chipper to welcome in 2015! For time, perform 20 reps of these 15 movements in order…

20 Cals on the AD
20 Thrusters (75/55#)
20 Front Squats (75/55#)
20 Push Ups
20 Toes 2 Bar – knees to elbows
20 Box Jumps
20 OHS (75/55#)
20 Front Rack Lunges (75/55#) 10 each leg
20 Pull Ups – green band and small black band
20 Wall Ball shots – 14#
20 Sit Ups
20 Push Press (75/55#)
20 KB Swings – 30#
20 Burpees
20 Jumping Air Squats

It took me 21:41 to finish! It was tough and my lungs still burn a bit.

I’ll end today with a couple of pics from the last few days.

new wallet

papasan and arm pillow

metal art3


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