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No school

on January 7, 2015

Happy Hump Day!

No school today, it’s too chilly out for the kiddos! That just means they can get chores done around the house. 🙂

My back is still pretty sore from the last two workouts and today will just add to it. Snatches always make me feel the pain the next day or so.

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Snatch: Build to AHAP in 10min – 70#
B) EMOM x10: 1 power snatch + 3 OHS – I did 55#

C) 4 RFT:
5 KB Swing (Heavy) – 40# KB
7 Burpees over you KB
9 C2B – 2 bands to get chest to bar
7 Burpees over your KB
5 KB Swing

Notes: 12 min cut-off. Yes, because each round starts and ends with KB Swings, you’ll actually do 10 in a row as you finish one round and start the next. I finished in 10:24.

I’m going to walk and watch Netflix soon and then shower up for WW. I weigh in today, who knows what it’ll be since TOM started and I have sore muscles. Thankfully I’ve had 9 good days of eating with no bingeing. I also work tonight at the library so thank goodness tomorrow is my DOR, although I may walk on the treadmill after work in the afternoon just to move my body.

Enjoy your day!


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