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It’s not Hump Day, it’s HIP Day!

on January 14, 2015

Happy Hip Day! Today’s workout was a lot of legs and hips for sure!

Wednesday’s WOD:
A. Clean and Jerk: 15min to build to a 1RM – no new PR for me, got to 100# though!

B) 20min AMRAP:
10 Step ups, 24″/20″
5 Power Clean, 135/95 – I did 75#
10 Squat jumps
5 alt’g DB Snatch, 50/30 – 15# because we don’t have a 20# and 25# was too heavy!
30 DU’s – 90 singles

So, my eating has been eh. That means today’s weigh-in will be eh. I am weighing in though, each week, no matter what.

In happy news, my treadmill belt came yesterday and hubby put it on for me. I tried it out briefly and NO SLIPPING! I’m heading down in a few minutes to give it a whirl!

I work WW today and then at the library tonight. Tomorrow is a DOR from the gym, but I may walk on the treadmill a bit.

Enjoy your day!


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