My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Day 2 of sickness

on January 20, 2015

Good news first….I stayed on track ALL DAY yesterday! Awesome!

Bad news…L is still sick. I got her some fever reducer in the morning and her fever went away and after lunch she seemed almost normal, walking around, chattering, surfing the web….after supper it went downhill pretty fast. Boom, back to a fever (more medicine), lethargy, sore throat. This morning on my way back from the gym I called home and C said L was still in bed. The fever was up to 102 and she was hot! More medicine and fluids. Finally she made it out to the couch, but her fever is only down to 100.4. Home again today for her and me.

Last night I slept wonderfully! I am so glad, I love a good night’s sleep.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Clean Pull: 8min to build to 110% of 1RM Clean – I got to 125# on this move
B) Clean: Build to a tough single in 10min – NEW PR 115#!!!

Notes: The clean pull must be done with PERFECT clean technique and positions; it’s not just a deadlift. Build to AHAP with perfect technique, which should be around 110% of your best clean. See comments for a video of what this should look like..

C) 8min AMRAP:
10 cal AD
10 Walking lunges   – I got to 4 rounds plus AD + 3 HRPUs

Rest 4min

8min AMRAP:
Power Clean (TnG if possible), 135/95
Push Press, 135/95
Front Squats, 135/95
Bent over Rows, 135/95
Begin with 1each, and add 1 rep each round – My weight was 60# for it all and I got through 7 rounds and 3 cleans.

On tap for today…take care of a sick kiddo again, walk & watch TV, read, relax. 🙂 Oh, on top of it all it’s glare ice on the roads and school is on a 2 hour delay.


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