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2 hours at the gym!

on January 24, 2015

Happy Saturday! I got over 8 hours of sleep last night and it was great! Thankfully someone asked for gym hours to be at 7am this morning and one of the trainers obliged by showing up. I’m glad she did because she forced me to do the entire workout! LOL

Thursday’s WOD:
A) Hang Snatch (mid-thigh): 5×2, 85% 1RM Snatch, 1:15 clock – I did 60# for all of them
B) Pause snatch: pause for 2sec just above the knee, 8×1, 1min clock – again 60#
C) Deadlift: 10min to build to a tough single – I got to 160# for one rep

D) 5 Rounds, each on a 2min clock:
8 Deadlifts, 115/75
5 OHS, 115/75
3 Hang Power Snatch, 115/75

So I intended to do workout D at the 60#, but during the first round my arms were shot so I went to 55# and was able to finish.

After my regular workout I stayed for a squat mobility clinic. We did a ton of hip stretches, ankle stretches and back stretches. I had to quick write everything down so I don’t forget them all. They were all awesome stretches and I could really feel how they loosened up my hips. I came home and shared them with hubby since he was just done working out.

So, on to today. I’m cleaned up and we are eating an early lunch today since the girls want to go to JoAnn’s Fabrics in the Dells. We are timing it so that when we leave there we can drop C at her friend’s house on the way back. She doesn’t need to be there until 1pm. We didn’t necessarily want to go out to eat, so instead we’ll eat early and head out.

Tomorrow L need to be to school at 11:15 so when I drop her off I’ll go and pick up C from her friend’s house.

I’m trying a new recipe for supper tonight, it’s turkey and quinoa mini meatloaves. Only 2 PP each so I’ll have 2 along with a salad.

Tomorrow I need to bake bread and meal plan for the upcoming week.

So, what was my good news? Well, I applied for a job on Wednesday online. About 10 minutes after I hit apply the phone rang and it was Maggie asking me to come in and fill out an application and take two tests they administer. The job is at the orthodontist in town and it’s for a Lab Coordinator/Orthodontic Assistant. Mostly it would be making retainers and some work on patients teeth! Exciting for me to learn all about braces! I’ve had braces as an adult and our 10 year old has them now. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this orthodontist and all his staff, they are terrific and it would be great to work there. It’s full-time between the 3 offices they have in neighboring towns. She said the next step would be the interview process and that is where I would come in for a while and observe the actual job, have lunch with them, etc. I guess that all depends on how I do on the tests! LOL One was a personality test. The other was math and basic language skills. I by no means even have the job, but I’m confident I’ll get called in for an interview. *fingers crossed*



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