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Highs and Lows

Happy Tuesday!

Let’s recap yesterday a bit. I worked until 1pm and then ate my lunch on the way to Walmart. I had an eye exam at 2pm so I did a bit of shopping beforehand. Yep, I shop at Walmart ALL THE TIME! LOL Anyway, my appointment went great. It turns out I haven’t been to the eye Dr. since 2011, so almost 4 years. My eyes haven’t changed enough to warrant a lenses. So I saved a boat load of money yesterday! My up close vision is awesome and he has hopes that bifocals won’t be in my immediate future. Hubby was upset by this since he’s been suffering for about a year with reading up close.

I did manage a walk on the treadmill before supper too. The girls and I made supper on Sunday night and we just had to reheat our portions last night. It was Cheesy Shell Lasagna. I ate 1/2 a slice with a large salad. It’s the same meal we’ll be enjoying tonight too. Tomorrow and Thursday night are up to hubby since I work those nights. I’m not sure about Friday’s supper yet, but I want to make some sort of enchilada or enchilada casserole type dish. I found a recipe for homemade sauce online that I might give a whirl.

My neck was so sore yesterday, I did come home and get the lacrosse ball out and I found the sore spot and went to work on it. It’s still sore today, but it’s going to take time to get back to normal.

On to today at the gym.

Tuesday class times are 5AM & 6PM
Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Clean Pull: 6min to build to 120% of 1RM Clean (see comments for a video reminder of the Clean Pull) – I got to 125# today (135# last week). Tracy coached Leah and I on a new way to approach the bar so that was throwing me off a bit.

B) EMOMx5: 2 Clean DL at 100% of A (see comments for video reminder of Clean DL) – I did 115#
Rest 3min

C) EMOMx5: 1 FS at 105% 1RM Clean – 120# – a new PR for me! AND I did it 5 times!
Rest 3min

D) Clean: 8min to build to a heavy single – I went from 85#-115#, I gave 120# a shot since I was able to front squat that earlier, but I could NOT stand up. Tracy said I was pretty low in my FS. Next time! – This was my high!

E) 8 min to complete 60 wall balls and 60 abmat situps with 5 burpees EMOM
Notes: Must complete all wall balls before moving to the sit ups. The clock is set to beep every minute. Every time you hear the beep you must complete 5 burpees, until you have finished all 120 reps.
Post weight for D & time for E to comments.

My low comes in on E. Our new wall ball set up is odd and not like the old gym. It threw me off big time! It took me forever to get to 60 wall balls since on the minute I had to do 5 burpees (which only get slower as time goes on). After 8 minutes I was only 1/2 way through the sit ups.

Hubby is at work today so I have the house to myself. I’m going to walk & watch TV soon and then get cleaned up for the day. I work 1-5 and I know I have a bunch of things to do at work.

Enjoy your day!

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