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on February 6, 2015

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I slept like a rock last night. Awesome! I was up a few minutes before my alarm went off and got ready for the gym. I was excited to get back at it now that shoulders are feeling better.

Friday’s WOD:

Teams of 2
Power Clean, 115/75 
Box Jump Overs, 24″/20″
Push Jerks, 115/75 (shoulder-to-overhead allowed)
Toes to Bar

Notes: 30 min cut-off. One person may work at a time and between the two of you, you’ll do 50 reps of each movement, then 40 reps of each movement, then 30, etc. You must use the same bar/weight for the power cleans and the push jerks. BJO may be scaled to step-overs, the TTB may be scaled to hanging knee raises or lying leg raises.

I worked in a group of 3, Amber & Jess went together and then I went. I did the 75# which I know I’m going to pay for later on today and tomorrow. We got to Push Jerks on 20 before the 30 minutes was up. Tough!

I’m going to watch and walk soon and then get showered up for my job shadowing at 10am. I’m excited for what I’m going to see today and I hope it all goes well. When that’s over I’m heading to Pierce’s for a few items and then home to relax a bit.

Tomorrow I work at the library from 8:45-2 (maybe my last Saturday if I’m lucky!). There is a movie that L wants to see, so I may surprise her by taking her to that.

Enjoy the day!


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