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Wait and see….

on February 7, 2015

Yesterday I went to my job shadowing interview. I was able to chat with the Dr. a bit, observe staff putting on braces and wires and do some hands on in the lab. I know if I got this job there would be a lot to learn, but I know I’m capable of it. I could also see my (self-diagnosed) OCD being an issue! LOL There is a lot of cutting of retainers and mouth guards. Which means using a small scissors and a dremel like tool to smooth things out. Perfection may rear it’s ugly head when doing those! When I was watching the techs put on braces I saw both sides of the spectrum. The first was a 12 year old girl and she was a great patient. Wasn’t freaking out, cooperated and intelligent. The second was a 9 year old boy who already had the top wires on but was in for the bottoms. I knew he was there for the bottoms because he could not handle having them both done the same day and I was right. However, Crystal was a pro with him and knew what to do and say to calm him a bit and he ended up doing very well. After the lab observing and working Maggie took me into the break room to discuss a few things. She said there we others they interviewed and they agree as a group who they are going to hire and she would be contacting me next week. I believe they’ll contact me either way since that’s the type of business they run. They wouldn’t leave anyone in the lurch waiting to hear or never hear anything. I’m hopeful, but not too hopeful! 😛

Today I work 8:45-2 and hubby is also at work to make up lost time. The girls are on their own and they are armed with a list of fun things and not-so-fun things to do today.

So far today has been a DOR, but it’s supposed to be near 40 today so I told C that we could go for a walk when I get home. 🙂


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