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PR Wednesday!

on February 11, 2015

Recap yesterday….I went to the gym, walked & watched Hell’s Kitchen, hung out with C, walked & watched Hell’s Kitchen and basically stayed on track with food and exercise. I finished reading my book and didn’t fall asleep this time! LOL I got to bed early and was ready to go today. This week hasn’t left my body in shambles like last week.

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Back Squat: 10×1, build to AHAP, 1:15clock – 135#, new PR!
B) Deadlift: 10×1, build to AHAP, 1:30 clock – got to 170#, it felt heavy enough!

Notes: Add weight each set, thereby ending with the heaviest load of the day.

C) 7min AMRAP:
Power Clean and Jerk, 135/95 – I did 75#
Toes To Bar
3ea, 6ea, 9ea…   – I got to 12 C&J and 6 of 12 T2B

I’m going to walk & watch TV soon and then get cleaned up. I have some shopping to do before Weight Watchers today. I’ll weigh-in and again, who knows what the scale will say. I don’t have TOM and my muscles aren’t sore, but it’s a crap shoot. I then work tonight 5-8:30 and since I get to bed later than normal tomorrow is a DOR.

Enjoy your hump day!


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