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Fabulous Friday!

Happy Friday! C’s cold has gone from the sore throat and fever to severely chapped lips and runny nose! Poor kid. She was sent to school with chapstick, water and tissues. I hope she turns the corner soon.

It’s partner WOD Friday!

Friday’s WOD:
Partner WOD!

Teams of 2:
20min AMRAP
10 Push Presses, 115/75 or 95/65 or 75/55 (choose one) – I did 65#
10 KB Swings, 50/35 (American swings if competing in the Open) – 35# KB
10 Box Jumps (see notes) – 12″ box with a 45# weight on top

Notes: Partners complete full rounds before switching. One working, one resting at all times.

If you’re planning on competing in the Open, use today’s WOD to practice different ways/techniques of getting up and down off the box. Jump up/step down, step up/jump down, step up/step down, will likely be the most common. Determine for yourself which method is the fastest but also which one taxes you the least if you had to do a lot of these. This is practice time.

We didn’t do well keeping track of rounds, but I think we were on 6 when the 20 minutes were up. I’m going to walk at least once today, if not twice. I still haven’t heard about the job. I truly hope they call today so I can know either way what is going on.

No more news, enjoy your Friday!

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