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Gym, Taxes & Lunch!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday I asked around if a coach was going to be at the gym early and Tracy was going to be, score! I went in and sorta did Thursday’s workout. I did Snatch DL and got to 125# on that. Then I did some High Hang Snatch and got to 65#. Then I decided not to do the AMRAP and did Overhead Squats and I got to 80# on that. No PR’s today, but lots of reps. 46+ reps is plenty! I ended with some ab work.

I came home to eat breakfast and clean up and then hubby and I went to get our taxes worked out with our CPA. We then headed to Kohl’s and I scored some new Asics on clearance. Then we busted it over to the Dollar Tree. It is soooo cold and windy here today and it was pointless to do my hair! LOL Finally it was time for lunch. Last year hubby and I tried to go to High Rock Café, but it was a Friday night and they do NOT take reservations. It was a 2 hour wait, so we headed somewhere else. This year we went at lunch time and did not have to wait. 🙂 When we were done eating we headed over to an antique store that I used to go to when we lived in the Dells. When we got back to town we stopped in at a newer restaurant so I could pick up a dessert. Sadly (but probably for the best) they had nothing decadent so I go a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and hubby and I split it in the truck! LOL

L is over at her friend’s house and hubby is binge watching Downton Abbey. I walked on the treadmill to get some steps in and I’m taking it easy the rest of the day.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Edited to add photos from Friday at the gym.




kettle belling 3

kettle belling2

kettle belling


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