My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Sunny Sunday!

on February 15, 2015

Happy Sunday!

I’ll admit, I got a little food crazy yesterday, but today is back on track. 🙂 So far I haven’t formally exercised and I don’t know if I will or not. At most I would walk & watch TV. I was up early today and already went to Walmart, washed dishes, made peanut butter and have food in the crockpot. I need to bake bread today and make homemade granola bars. I should also check out the laundry situation.

My upcoming week is pretty much the same as usual….

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1, walk & watch TV, enchilada casserole for dinner
  • Tuesday – gym, walk & watch TV, work 1-5, ? for supper
  • Wednesday – gym, walk & watch TV, work WW and weigh-in, walk?, work 5-8:30
  • Thursday – DOR, work 8:45-1, work WW, L has art club
  • Friday – gym, walk & watch TV, early release from school, conferences for C
  • Saturday – gym?, lunch in Tomah with the girlfriends!

Enjoy your day!


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