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Better day

on February 17, 2015

Monday ended up being a pretty decent day. I got in my activity and my food was pretty good too. For the second morning in a row the cat has woken me up at 3:30am! I don’t need to be up until 4:10 so I was a bit pissed. I ended up chasing her with the spray bottle this morning and I was able to fall back to sleep for a bit. Then of course I hit snooze and was running behind. Ugg…

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Clean DL: Build to 130% of your 1RM clean in 8min – made it to 150#, 130% of my 1RM
B) FS: Build to 120%-130% of your 1RM clean in 8 min – failed at 135# twice
C) Clean practice: 5×1 at 90%-100% of your 1RM clean. – 85#(1), 105#(4) – my 90%

D) 3 Rounds:
2 min max cal AD
rest 3 min   41, 41, 38 – this is soooo hard! My lungs are on fire after 2 minutes!

Notes: With 3 min rest b/w sets on the AD, the goal should be to repeat your effort each time. If you’ve done several workouts on the AD and you’re familiar with your abilities on it, then you should know how hard you can go and sustain the effort. Don’t slack off on the first set so as to save yourself for the next two. Start strong, finish strong.

Still no phone call about the job. I guess it’s back to looking…..

I made bread yesterday and I thought I had killed the yeast with too hot of water because it just would NOT rise. So I just stuck it in the oven and resigned myself to a short loaf. Lo and behold when I pulled it out it was HUGE! It double in size and the kids thought it was awesome! They had sandwiches today with it and only needed one slice cut in half. Sometimes even things that we think are a failure turn into a blessing. 🙂

I’m going to walk & watch Hell’s Kitchen, clean up and work from 1-5. Enjoy your sunshiny day! (at least here it’s shining)


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