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A good phone call.

on February 24, 2015

So, yesterday was a so-so day. I enjoyed a delicious lasagna supper and we decided as a family that we need to have lasagna more often! LOL I also got a phone call last night before supper. It was the orthodontic office I applied for the job at. Anyway, Maggie apologized for taking so long to get back to me. They had a hard time deciding who to hire. Ultimately they went with another person, BUT during these few weeks they had another employee put in her notice. She recently came back from maternity leave and wants to stay home with her baby. Maggie said they are going to train the new person, restructure their staff a bit and then see if they want to hire another person. She wanted to know if she could keep me on file for that position should it open up. I said yes of course and I hope to hear in the next few months from them. 🙂

Today’s workout wasn’t high on my fun-meter, but I went anyway.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Pull Ups:
10min to build to max weight.

Notes: If you can do at least five strict pull ups then use the 10min to build to a max weight, even if only 2.5lb! If you can’t do at least 5 UB strict pull ups then use the 10min accumulate as many strict pull ups at bodyweight as possible. If you need more than a green band to do pull-ups, do ring rows at as steep of an incline as you can with proper mechanics (rigid body, full scapular retraction). – I struggle with this so I did a few with a band and then did ring rows. I didn’t keep track of how many.

B) 1K Row for time  4:18!

C) For Time
100 DU
25 KB swings, 50/35# (American if in the Open)
75 DU
20 KB swings
50 DU
15 KB swings
25 DU
10 KB swings

I did 3x the single jumps and a 35# KB.

Today I’m going to walk & watch (or read), shower up and work 1-5. Supper is leftover lasagna and C has art class from 6-8.

Enjoy your day!


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