Do I, Don’t I

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday’s WOD: CrossFit Total
A) Back Squat: 15min to establish a 1RM; watch your depth on these and make sure it counts – 140# NEW PR!
B) Press: 15min to establish a 1RM; NO knee movement whatsoever in order for it to count – 75# old PR
C) Deadlift: 15min to establish a 1RM; keep your backs safe: chest up and pull with the hamstrings/glutes – 210# NEW PR!

Notes: Big-time PR opportunity today folks! If you look back over the last 12 weeks when we started this fairly large strength cycle, you’ll see how the first half was spent building volume on these lifts and how the last half of the cycle was mainly about pushing heavy loads. That’s a recipe for big strength gains, some of which you’ve experienced already! Go back into your training log and look to see your results from the last two times we did the CF Total on 11/24/15 and then again on 1/12/15. Track your progress. Get stronger. Celebrate.

I’m going to walk & watch soon. I don’t know if I’m going to weigh-in or not this week. I already have a good weight for the month of February and I don’t really need a scale to tell me I gained weight this past week. My jeans told me that on Monday morning! 😛

Enjoy the day!


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