Happy Thursday! Having hubby home all week has made me lose track of what day it truly is. Yesterday I chose not to weigh-in, I’m happy with that decision. I’ll be weighing in next week since it will be March already.

I did get in my second walk yesterday. I’ve been watching a reality show called Workout on Netflix. I’m upset that it’s going away on 3/1/15 and I won’t get to watch all the episodes. I’ll watch one this afternoon when I walk (slowly) on the treadmill and I hope for 1-2 more tomorrow. Then I’ll have to find something else to watch on the treadmill.

I work 8:45-1 today, then plan to walk, then shop a bit before I get C from Art Club. L is going to a classmates house to work on a project, so we don’t get her until 7pm. I don’t work WW tonight, so it’ll be an early night to bed for me.

Tomorrow will be a gym morning and then walking at home. L has a dance tomorrow night and I could go watch Crossfit games, I’m just not sure about that yet.

Enjoy your Friday Eve!


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